Coli Optical Technology Co. (hereafter called “Colitech”) was established in 2016, a team with more than ten years of experience in wet coating, with the supporting of the parent company, SBI Material Technology Co., start to spin-off for operation, to develop high-precision and optical grade dip coating as the main core technologies for product development and market promotion. Colitech could develop and integrate the formula, production equipment design, optical design, and product manufacturing. In the field of dipping technology, we can produce 2~3 layers of anti-reflection, anti-Glare, hard coat, wear resistance, hydrophilic/hydrophobic and high hardness coating layers, the coating process can flexibility correspond to flat plates, 3D injection, and other appearance shape products.
With PMMA, PC (Polycarbonate) engineering plastics and glass (carbon) fiber composites as the main substrate of treatment, proceeding the substrate’s surface hardness, appearance glasslike gloss, wear resistance...etc. characteristic improvements and related optical coating processing. With the innovative technologies of polymer materials, the weakness of traditional plastics, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant that can be significantly improved, enhance the possibility of organic plastics replacing inorganic glass.​​​​​​​
Coating plants locate at Hsinchu County, with Class 100/Class 5000 cleanroom environment that allows the production process to be flexibly adjusted for market’s demand. Maximum coating size of 800x600mm meets the product design needs of most customers. From the beginning process of cutting of plastic sheets to the coating, CNC, silk printing processes, Colitech apply the flexible product services for whole or individual process and allowing customers to integrate manufacturing services with more choices.​​​​​​​
Team members are also convinced that there is no continuous innovation today, there will be no tomorrow's competitiveness. We’re research actively in various types of coating functions that try to replace the current coating technology and create product’s added value, provide customers with high competitiveness in the market. Colitech takes OEM and own developed coating function as the main business direction, through the flexible production mechanism and combined with own development process, especially the human resources planning to try to "save people, fewer people" as the mainstay, reduce production cost and improve production efficiency.

Through the excellent coating performance, Colitech has gained the recognize from the most stringent product specifications in the automotive market, and entered the mass production supply chain, as well as the demand for replacing glass in various other industrial fields. So that Colitech can grow stronger and stronger, and begin to enter new industrial fields, continue to serve the industry with the ability of coating innovation